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Boston LED Signs

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If you’re starting a business, chances are you’re thinking a lot about having more and more competitors. In order to have a better chance at succeeding, having a good advertising strategy is as important as having high-quality products and services. For one, installing LED signs to make your business visible until late at night can be a great way of increasing your traffic and average ticket.

custom lighted storefront signDesigning, manufacturing, and installing Boston LED signs are some of our most in-demand services at Axe Sign Company. No matter what industry your business is part of, our LED signage is beneficial to your advertising or communication goals. Whether for indoor or outdoor purposes, they can provide you with numerous marketing advantages.

From budding entrepreneurs to seasoned businessmen, everyone can easily see how LED signs can improve their business’s bottom line. Aside from keeping your business visible 24/7, they are also cheaper to purchase and maintain. With lower energy consumption, they are the most cost-efficient illuminated signage option to this date.

Whether you need an alternative to costly neon signs or a way to illuminate your traditional signage, Axe Sign Company is well-equipped to provide the best LED signage solution for your business!

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Indoor LED Signs

backlit lobby signThe benefits of outdoor LED signs are hard to miss. They give your storefront the right amount of charm and visibility that’s enough to lead a lot of your potential customers to your business, whether it’s dark or bright outside. However, indoor LED signs are highly beneficial as well, especially when it comes to providing good customer experiences and increasing average tickets.

Typically seen in retail outlets, Boston LED signs can effectively encourage impulse sales by displaying dynamic, full-color graphics. They are usually installed near check-out lanes and counters where they can highlight special products better, compelling people to buy them despite not initially having them on their list. They can also be used as wayfinding tools, emphasizing different counters, exit routes, bathrooms, and various important rooms within your building.

More importantly, LED signs are not only those that are made of thin polymer tubes that can be bent and shaped into any letter, number, symbol, or logo of your choosing. These signs can also be made from LED backlighting and LED displays, the latter allowing for a more modern approach in advertising.

Programmable LED Message Centers

Having new products, special events, and updated business information cannot be avoided. They are signs that your business is growing and gradually securing commercial success. However, new signage is necessary whenever this happens, which can be inconvenient and expensive at the same time.

Fortunately, Axe Sign Company has the perfect signage solution for this problem. With our programmable LED message centers, you won’t have to replace your existing signage and pay for a new installation just to promote another offering or event. Instead, you’ll only need your computer, and you can already update your message detail any time you want.

The convenience and visibility that LED message centers can give are especially beneficial for gasoline stations, convenience stores, movie theatres, and other establishments that often change their offerings and prices. They’re also applicable for night-operating businesses or those that constantly want to connect with their target market with a message by their counters or storefronts.

Even better, Axe Sign Company offers programmable LED message centers in different sizes and screen resolutions. You can use them, whether indoors and outdoors, and have the same long-lasting, high-impact signage for your business.

Full-Service Lighted Sign Company

lighted sign repair and installIf you want a stress-free signage installation project that will give you the most out of your investment, work with Axe Sign Company—one of the most trusted Boston sign companies. With professionals specializing in signage design, manufacturing, and installation, we can make sure that your LED signs will function and look their best for a long time.

Helping every business find the best LED sign that will address their advertising and messaging needs is what drives us to uphold the highest industry standards. We dedicate our free consultation to knowing and understanding each of our client’s goals, business personality, and branding guidelines. We even make sure that your budget, location, and target audience are well accounted for before we finalize our signage plan.

Experienced, skilled, and well-equipped, there’s nothing that our team cannot do. When it comes to producing and installing LED signs, trust that we are experts at providing you with durable products that are guaranteed to improve your visibility, marketing reach, and daily sales.

Even better, our services don’t end at installing your signage. Whenever you need repairs, replacements, or other maintenance work, our team is still a call away.

Free LED Sign Consultation

Boston LED Signs Axe signs logo black 300x149Investing in LED signs is always a winning decision. Aside from being durable, versatile, and easy to install, they also cost less upon purchase and don’t demand expensive maintenance. More importantly, they make your establishment highly visible from early in the day until late at night.

If you want to maximize your advertising opportunity without going beyond your original budget, our Boston LED signs can just be the best signage you’re looking for. We will even help you achieve a unique design and let you enjoy more customer interaction every day.

Call Axe Sign Company at (617) 380-4481 for your Free Consultation with a Boston LED Sign expert!